Archaeological Museum of São Miguel de Odrinhas
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In the village of São Miguel de Odrinhas seven miles (11km) from Sintra is this interesting collection of ancient artefacts housed next to a former Roman villa dating from the 1st century AD. The collection started way back in the 16rh century when scholars understood the importance of preserving the regions varied and long history. The museum exhibits items dating back over two millennia and clearly shows a succession of cultures from Portugal's largest collection of Roman epigraphy with about two hundred stone tablets with Latin, Visigothic and Medieval inscriptions.

The ancient structures maintain much of its original elements including a polychrome mosaic, an imposing Palaeo-Christian apsidal monument and remains of a necropolis from the Middle Ages. Here too you can find three Etruscan sarcophagi, the only examples in the country. The museum also includes a dedicated library, an auditorium, restoration services and a café.


Archaeological Museum of São Miguel de Odrinhas

Roman Tomb Stone - S. Miguel de Odrinhas Museum of Archaeology

The Archaeological Museum of São Miguel de Odrinhas dates back to the Renaissance period and is believed to have been started by Francisco d'Ollanda. Roman artefacts which were abundant around the district were brought together at the hermitage of São Miguel. A museum was commissioned in 1955 to house and preserve these and other archaeological finds however the current building dates back to 1999. For the ancients, the Sintra area was Finis Terrae, the edge of the known world. Along with its multifaceted landscape and mild climate, Sintra had special importance and even mystical qualities. The collection is quite diverse and demonstrates the various cultures and peoples who have settled in the Sintra area and its effect on local customs. Today the museum boasts over 400 stone artefacts as well as numerous coins, ceramics, metalwork, and skeletal remains. The exhibits are arranged in two sections; a) The Epigraphy Section which spans over two millennia, from the Etruscan Period to the Modern Age, highlighting the collection of Roman tombstones, recognised as one of the most important in the Iberian Peninsula; and b) The Archaeology Section, which gathers a few million objects recovered from the numerous archaeological sites at Termo de Sintra, from the Middle Palaeolithic Age to the 18th century, of which pieces from the Neolithic, Chalcolithic and Roman periods deserve a special mention. Guided Tours are available.

Tuesday – Sunday: 10h00 – 13h00/14h00 – 18h00, (last admission at 17h00), Monday: CLOSED
Adult: €2.00, Concessionary: €1.00. Child: FREE


Outside are there are ruins of a first-century Roman villa, along with some mosaic floors, and remnants of a third of fourth-century temple or mausoleum. Also on the site is the Ermida de São Miguel chapel which dates back to the 12th century. At certain times of the year, open-air plays are performed here from Greek and Latin theatre as a celebration of classical culture.

Located on top of the small hill overlooking the Archaeological Museum of São Miguel de Odrinhas is a Neolithic cromlech. The Barreira Megalithic Complex (Conjunto Megalítico de Barreira) contains 24 menhirs or standing stones, some stand up to four metres tall. Their presence reiterates the fact this site has been considered sacred for successive cultures for millennia. Sadly they are today lay abandoned and overgrown by shrubs. | 38° 53' 03.2" N | 09° 22' 17.4" W

Barreira Megalithic Complex

The Barreira Megalithic Complex (Conjunto Megalítico de Barreira)


The museum café is open for both visitors and the public in general. Out door seating is available. 09h00 - 18h00.

Toilets on the site.

The Museum has a large parking lot for visitors' vehicles, as well as suitable space for excursion buses.

Guided Tours available.

Easy Access.
Archaeological Museum of São Miguel de Odrinhas

S. Miguel de Odrinhas Museum of Archaeology


Estrada Nacional 247 (Sintra-Ericeira road), at the crossroads follow signs to São Miguel de Odrinhas.

There's an hourly service run by Mafrense buses that departs from Sintra at the Portela de Sintra train station. Take the Ericeira bus and alight at Barreira.
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